Are you a female business owner facing some kind of stagnation?
I got you, amazing woman!
My name is Radana & I help businesses to get out of these natural growth challenges. That is why after over 10+ years of active international business & tech professinal experience I have designed an individual mastermind accelerator for female business owners & founders. REGISTRATION CLOSES 1ST OF AUGUST 2023.
When is time to invest in a business mentor?
Mentoring and coaching is a way to speed up your growth. In this program I offer you something special & more hands on as this is the best recepie that brought success to my current customers. By taking part in this program you will gain on-demand co-CEO (aka ME in action :) that will during this partnership execute with you. Execution is the usual bottle-neck where stagnation & your dreams start to fall apart. We will have a laser-focus exacactly on this suit-spot. In general this will allow you to gain my experience as I have been in your shoes and now I posses know-how & skills to navigate through it. If you decide to invest in yourself: 1) you decide to buy more time for you, as your mentor will help you to accelerate your growth & knowledge 2) also you prevent yourself from doing mistakes that others experienced 3) you get to know yourself better then ever with confidence. Ultimately, you will be more confident, prepared and ready to execute your visions. So, all in all when is time to invest in yourself by getting a mentor/coach:
  • Feeling of stagnation?
    If you have been working towards your vision some time, you have definetly come across the feeling of stagnation or maybe also procrastination. This is an alarming situation that should show you that it is time to reflect and reset yourself. Acept it, restart and choose the right direction for your actions. Your mentor will navigate you through this process.
  • Not having enough experience?
    With mentorng you buy experience of others. You do not need to be star in everything in order to make it happen. Enrich your experience with others, and acclerate your own growth or growth of your business now: Your time is money. if you can delegate or identify skills you can buy or outsource do it. Mentoring is first step that will give you the experience and trust in yourself when facing challenging decisions.
  • Need experienced accountability partner, that will challenge you!
    You know what you are doing, you believe in your value and project. however you are a solo-preneur. We are not super-heroes and at some stages of our business we need professional accountability partner who will be your oponent, or a "constructive mirror" to what you are about to do as next step in your business plan. You are never alone, reach out for professional advice in area you need - marketing or strategy.

I have proven international business & product strategy expertese. I am consultant, founder, mentor & podcaster. Morover, I am mentor for 2nd world largest start-up accelerator - Techstars in Paris & New Orleans. My values motivate me to work with mainly female founders whose vision and company focus is on positive impact & change. That is why I want to devote my work to female-founded companies even more with this program.

"I highly recommend Radana as a valuable partner in building an international business strategy and acquiring new customers for our medical device. Her expertise in global markets, strategic mindset, and leadership skills have been instrumental in our success. She conducts thorough market research, develops tailored marketing strategies, and fosters relationships with potential customers and healthcare professionals worldwide. [Your Name] is adaptable, resourceful, and navigates regulatory challenges effectively. She is an invaluable asset to any organization seeking international growth."
Renata Zichova
Founder of Aniball, unique medical device (Czechia) with customers from Australia to Brazil,
"I highly recommend [Your Name] for her invaluable contribution in transforming our online training business. She implemented an organized and scalable strategy that brought consistent results and goals. By digitalizing and automating our processes, [Your Name] significantly reduced the loss of business opportunities. She is a valuable asset to any organization seeking growth and efficiency in the online training industry."
"You are an awesome mentor, supporting on so many different topics. With you we had valuable advise on sales, personal branding, story telling, customer success, product testing, and company's KPI. All these helped us through the Techstars program in giving our startup structure and direction. You have been really supporting with all our team employees too, besides the founders, and we really appreciated you building this mentorship relationship with them too."
Giorgia Leonardi PhD
Founder of sustainability tech startup (Italy)
"Radana is an amazing person to work with and can bring the right energy to a team, motivate people and get the best out of their skills. She has a wide range of experience from shaping and validating a product to business development. Attention to the details, goal oriented and always looking for the best and the most efficient solution possible."
Vojtěch Konečný
"I met Radana on a project with a larger client who was dealing with a crisis situation - transferring challenging goals and tasks from TOP management to the team. The existing team leader was not capable of this and the leadership was slipping into micro-management. After Radana became the team leader, she gained the trust of both management and the team and the work moved forward quickly. Radana is excellent at listening, coordinating and motivating.
She is an excellent leader to work with people in crisis and under pressure when you need to keep the team motivated and high performing."
Pavel Vosova
"She is an excellent professional who translates the organization’s vision and strategy into real products and then taking them further to fulfill all customer needs. It is a pleasure to work with her!"
Jaroslav Jahelka
Senior Designer (Czechia)
The DEEP offer for you
Individual Mastermind Accelerator
This is a 2 month intense program that includes weekly 1 hour session & 24/7 whatsapp support. We will create a tailored business Growth Priority Plan for your business and you. Moreover, we will master it & execute it together.

For who?
Program is suitable for business owners with 1+ year old running business with revenue traction.

Introductory price: 1000 eur (value of mentoring 2 500 eur) for intensive 2 month program mastermind accelerator with me being personalyl involved in execution based on our designed strategic plan (opening my own professional business network that includes investors, tech professionals and other business specialists). I dont help you only to prepare bullet proof strategy I help you to execute the most crutial parts that are the usual bottle necks of getting the results effectively.
What you will get & achieve:
  • Tailored priority plan: 8 x 1 hour individual coaching + 24/7 whastapp support
  • Executive co-CEO for 2 months: you will gain my unicorn superpowers & strategic business skills

  • You will have new out-of the box ideas that we can execute immediately with limited time and available budget/resources

  • Discipline & focus

  • Business maturity evaluation & new strategy design

  • Innovation & technology plan: in case you need automation or implementatio of new tools we can make that happen.
  • Result & data-driven oriented decision making: or potentially team mentoring in case we identify challenges in this are

  • You will practice relaxation, meditation & self-reflection/awareness to your daily business decision making to level-up your own business game
How it works?
1. Register today
Answer 1 mandatory question "What motivates you to enter this program?" in order to be accepted for the program.
2. Discovery session
This is a partnership, I will give you my all in exchange for your emotional and hard-working involvement in this partnership. So when we evaluate the size of the mountain we have just climbed together as an executive team we say "Hey, this was worth it! I am back in the growth & happiness game”.
3. Price & payment
Price of the 2 month individual intense program is 1000 EUR - this is introductory price offer, the value of this program is 2 500 EUR. Payment conditions: 50% are paid upfront and the other 50% are paid in the half of the program after 1st month ends.
4. Be ready to start
The program on the 1st of August 2023. Once you submit your registration. Within 24h you will be conctacted by Radana to arrange your call and prepare the schedule. Watch out only 4 spots are open for this 1st program.


About Radana
Motto: " Our experiences connect us. Our differences enrich us. Our friendship makes us stronger...we go way deep and we are the wave! Let's get to know
each other:) "... yes this is my usual unicorn-sprit you will experience!

I am a female on-demand co-CEO strategist. Tech savvy, podcast, entrepreneur & innovator. Over the last 10 years I have been helping various businesses in making their product and services successful. I went through big learning, falls & wins! My specialty is unblocking stagnation circles that naturally come to your business - from your point of view as CEO as well as of your team. I am a holistic problem-solver that dives deep into chosen problems that are currently blocking your growth - growth of your business or team. I am a practical innovator that has skills from marketing, sales to technology. I have conducted 100+ of sales calls, I have developed a B2B sales strategy that brought over 1 mil. eur in revenue as a single sales person in less than 1 year, I led product development & new market strategies for international corporations & brand with revenues of from 500 000 to $1 billion as well as highly invested startups with revenues of €30+ million.
I have tested various marketing channels, created & mentored over 10+ digital products in Europe. I coach women and startups for over 4 years. Moreover, this year I have become a mentor for the 2nd biggest startup Techstars accelerator in Paris and New Orleans.

My values: passion, discomfort, discipline, authenticity

My favorite beliefs: Happiness is not only about laughter & sunshine. Happiness is the ability to dive deep into all shades of our emotions, it is about being aware, present & completely falling in love with the process. I believe we need to go through discomforts, led go of safety in order to discover new levels of comforts and grow. I believe all women have infinite potential and my personal mission is to boost their confidence and make them dare and achieve their dreams.

on my Linkedin profile
  • Radana
    Wave DEEP Founder & Business Mentor
About Wave DEEP
Wave DEEP is a community project I founded in 2022 with aim to create supporting and at the same tiem challenging environement for women with aim to boost and encourage their confidence to make new steps in their career, business or professinal life. I believe we need to go through discomforts to led go of secure & find new comfort that we were dreaming of. I believe that in community we can find the right support system, inspiration & growth we were seeking. I have led series of workshops in Portugal and Bali with over 50+ attendees experiencing my confidence training workshop. Read more about the project here.
Wa(y)ve DEEP - what does it stand for?
From discomfort to comfort.
Only balanced energy holds on.
With efford we reach beyond.
Passion is the core motivation.
Wave DEEP manifesto
When I look at the ocean I feel peace. When I am on a wave I feel presence. I can stare at it and be in it for hours. I take a deep breath, I dive in its cold water, I come out & I scream from happiness. I feel the joy of a young child. The calmness of its power hypnotizes me - whether it is calm, stormy, wavy, windy. Once I was lost in the ocean. But now, I feel its balance in any shape and form. Now I know, that thanks to Wa(y)ve DEEP I found my balance. Now I know, that I can go way deep, and I can be the wave. You can be the wave. We aspire to bring the power of this element into the lives of all women, all women who dare to live fully with unconditional feelings of love, joy & pleasure.
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We are here for you for any further questions:)

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