Ready to face your next confidence challenge? Discover our DEEP mentoring services.
Our aim is to connect and create community of like-minded women that can support each other on their confidence journey. Each and one of us is at different stage of our life, and therefore we might have different needs, too. That is why we also designed 2 specific mentoring programs to support individuals or teams within our community with the right DEEP mentoring focus on their story & needs.
When is time to invest in yourself
and get a mentor or coach?
Mentoring and coaching is a way to speed up your growth. Gain experience of others who have been in your shoes and now they know how to navigate through. If you decide to invest in yourself: 1) you decide to buy more time for you, as your mentor will help you to accelerate your growth & knowledge 2) also you prevent yourself from doing mistakes that others experienced 3) you get to know yourself better then ever with confidence. Ultimately, you will be more confident, prepared and ready to execute your visions. So, all in all when is time to invest in yourself by getting a mentor/coach:
Feeling of stagnation?
If you have been working towards your vision some time, you have definetly come across the feeling of stagnation or maybe also procrastination. This is an alarming situation that should show you that it is time to reflect and reset yourself. Acept it, restart and choose the right direction for your actions. Your mentor will navigate you through this process.
Not having enough experience?
With mentorng you buy experience of others. You do not need to be star in everything in order to make it happen. Enrich your experience with others, and acclerate your own growth or growth of your business now: Your time is money. if you can delegate or identify skills you can buy or outsource do it. Mentoring is first step that will give you the experience and trust in yourself when facing challenging decisions.
Need experienced accountability partner, that will challenge you!
You know what you are doing, you believe in your value and project. however you are a solo-preneur. We are not super-heroes and at some stages of our business we need professional accountability partner who will be your oponent, or a "constructive mirror" to what you are about to do as next step in your business plan. You are never alone, reach out for professional advice in area you need - marketing or strategy.

What is the difference between
coaching & mentoring?
What is the difference between coaching and mentoring? How it can help me?
wave deeP:
A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and/or experience, to help you to develop and grow. A coach is someone who provides you guidance on your goals and helps you reach your full potential.

One of the most distinct differences is that mentoring is directive, with coaching being non-directive. What does that mean in practice? Well, in mentoring meetings, it is likely to be the mentor doing more of the talking, whereas in coaching it is likely to be the coach posing questions and giving the person they are coaching the space to reflect and do most of the talking. In WAVE DEEP we combine both, as we find this gives you the most of us! Ultimately, both coaching and mentoring are about helping people to get where they want to go by leveraging the experience of the coach or mentor.
How can I be sure the personality of mentor/coach fits mine?
wave deep:
In WAVE DEEP we offer you a 45 minute free welcome consultation, where you will have time to find whether or not you wibe with one of our mentors/coaches. For our mentors/coaches this is the first criteria of successful cooperation, they need to feel they can be your partner in crime! Once you feel the right butterflies in your stomach you can kick-start your cooperation. Start today & book your free session.
Business mentoring
For who? Early-stage projects & start-up. For individuals or small teams.

What you can achieve through our mentoring?
Clarity on where are you now, and where you want to go: we will analyze your current situation (resources, time, competitive advantages...), identify the challenges, strenghts, opportunities.
You will gain confidence in yourself: we will focus on your personal mindset & readiness level - as ultimately your balance, happiness and resiliance give you the reason and energy to work on your project sustainably. This is core pillar of building projects that make you happy.

Strategy that brings you revenue: you will learn techniques that will allow you to build a product that your customers want to pay for.

Building sustainable & continuous growth: we will prepare your marketing and sales strategy - pricing.

You will start executing, no more planning and re-thinking. Doing is the answer: start is always overwhealming - we kick it off together! We design your go-to-market strategy with minimum time and money needed to invest in order to test product-market-fit
Data mindset: data are key to understanding your business. you will adopt data-driven approach to all your decisions in order to start making your revenue as soon as possible
Knowledge and practice about how to build your online brand ecosystem: you will learn how to build a digital presentation and use the right automation tools
Talent coaching
For who? For everyone who agrees with the statement: "I believe in cyclicity and balance in life. Nobody gets everything, and everything is nothing. We are in a constant journey, not because we need to get to the ultimate goal, but because life is cyclic and balance never stagnates."

What you can achieve through our talent coaching sessions?
My coaching approach aims to transformative processes and self reflection. My personal goal in coaching is that you will learn more about yourself and learn to use your strengths in whatever your goal might be. Also to remember that like life also you are always changing and evolving. No other day will be the same as today.
With the help of coaching you can find clarity to your thoughts, get tools to tackle uncertainty and challenges, identify your strengths and interests, develop your competencies and learn new skills, strengthen your resilience and find a positive growth-mindset in you.
DEEP packages
Discover our pricing plans. Each plan includes
45 minutes free welcome session.
5 h/ Intense individual mentoring
250 EUR
12 h/ Intense individual mentoring
500 EUR
5 h/ Team mentoring sessions
350 EUR
15 h/ Team
mentoring sessions
750 EUR
How It works?
1.Fill in registration form
.Tell us more about your story, in this way our first mentoring session will be more focused on you, based on what you tell us about yourself
2.Get 45 min free welcome session
Get to know your mentor. Set expectations and test if this is the right thing for you.
3.Start your mentoring program
You have decided to embark on the right yournes. Use all the time of your mentor, be prepared, make notes, and action points. Ask questions, be present and make the most of it!


Wa(y)ve DEEP - what does it stand for?
From discomfort to comfort.
Only balanced energy holds on.
With efford we reach beyond.
Passion is the core motivation.
Our manifesto
When I look at the ocean I feel peace. When I am on a wave I feel presence. I can stare at it and be in it for hours. I take a deep breath, I dive in its cold water, I come out & I scream from happiness. I feel the joy of a young child. The calmness of its power hypnotizes me - whether it is calm, stormy, wavy, windy. Once I was lost in the ocean. But now, I feel its balance in any shape and form. Now I know, that thanks to Wa(y)ve DEEP I found my balance. Now I know, that I can go way deep, and I can be the wave. You can be the wave. We aspire to bring the power of this element into the lives of all women, all women who dare to live fully with unconditional feelings of love, joy & pleasure.
What you can gain from being a member of our
WAVE DEEP community?
Connection with like-minded people, community growth and support
Balanced connection with yourself & deeper dive into your inner roots
Stronger resilience to face future challenges
Focused confidence training that you can apply to your personal or professional life
4 DEEP skills that will level up your strategic thinking from day 1
Starter kit for your business idea influenced by Lean start-up concept
You will recharge your motivation batteries from our Unicorn Trainer Radana
Wave DEEP Team
Our experiences connect us. Our differences enrich us. Our friendship makes us stronger...we go way deep and we are the wave! Let's get to know
each other:)
Wave DEEP Founder & Business Mentor
My name is Radana, I am 29 (soon I will upgrade this number :). I am confident to say that since I remember I do activities & projects that fulfill me & my potential! There were and there will be hard falls & failures...thats why Wave DEEP like a fenix reborn in me since 3 years already. Now, I dream to create international & engaged community of amazing Females who are proactively creating their destiny. Surfing is my therapy. Dance and yoga make my soul happy. Travel, family and friends dear to my heart enrich every of steps by their side! And yes, I share same energy sources as unicorns use so get ready:) Few points about me:

  • [5+ years] Digital start-up Founder
  • Kick-ass business accelerator that you want in your team if you are starting business
  • [My lately discovered super-power] Leadership blender
  • [7+ years] Marketing strategist
  • [My hidden skills] Communication booster
  • [2 years] Early-stage Mentor
  • [5+ years] Business development and product management skills.
  • I worked and studied in multiple european countries - Czechia, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Italy. I speak Italian, French, Slovak & Czech and of course English:) I also aspire to learn Portuguese
  • I am also certified body&mind Instructor
Creative Soul & Talent Mentor
I’m Emilia, 34, and I consider myself as a curious and adventurous free bird who hates to be tangled to the norms. Slightly rebel sometimes and always ready to speak out for justice. I love all kinds of movement, but I’ve learned that there’s movement in stillness too. Surfing and dancing are my dearest hobbies. Learning from the world is something I've always been passionate about. Few points about me:

  • I have a master degree in adult education from University of Helsinki incl. studies on communication, leadership, social psychology and work psychology
  • I’m also a certified yoga teacher. My approach to yoga is enabling the power to find the beingnes in doing and movement within ourselves.
  • Past 5 years I’ve worked in social media and influencer marketing. I’ve been a talent manager for Finland’s top YouTubers from their early years to success in the business. I’ve helped them create content, new products, plan SoMe strategies, manage their PR, casting, handling negotiations, agreements on collaborations. Also coaching them to their best and beyond
  • I’ve co-created a book series of 6 books published in the past 3 years. Books are called Luova Kirjani & they’re the best sellers in Finland among children and youth books
  • My passion is on human capital and Its capacity to reform and learn. I believe we all have potential, we just need to find it & develop our skills
Want to get in touch?
We are here for you for any further questions:)

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