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Whether you want to improve your business skills or level up your career our community will help you achieve it. If you are ready to do the bold steps you have been dreaming about or you are challenged by.
You will benefit from Wave DEEP
community if you are...
  • Starting a new business?
  • Feeling stagnation in activities you used to enjoy?
  • You want to level up your career?
  • You wanna hack the way you progress towards your plans and goals?
Join our DEEP community!
Wave DEEP is a community created by women for women. We connect stories and experiences of women in business, in corporate careers & from their life as such. We, in Wave DEEP, specialize in specific skill you need to live a healthy balanced life while achieving all of your amazing dreams. The umbrella word for what you will master is your own inner and outer CONFIDENCE. We are a connected community where you find support and valuable learnings that have an impact on your soft & hard skills, self-presentation, and your mindfulness level.
So, why do I need to be
part of the Wave DEEP community?
We are creating a unique business and career growth events & Bootcamp for every woman. The aim of our project, Wave DEEP, is to make you ready to successfully handle common challenge in your professional or personal life, while feeling yourself & present through mastering your inner and outer confidence. The following 4 situations explain to you, what are we challenging and mastering in our community:
We tend to compare ourselves to others. Comparison is an essential part of human life, for example when we grow up. But what happens when it goes too far? Then self-doubt steps out. It STOPS you from believing your ideas and vision and you start to question your competences. Your usual question in this moment is: "Am I good enough?"
You have the idea and you see the opportunity but you are lacking self-believe in your own values. This makes the roadmap of making your dreams come true unachievable. Procrastination strikes in and eventually you have lost your motivation to confidently go after your vision.
Not feeling special
Together we will answer the BIG QUESTION: " Why am I different, there are thousands of others already doing it?" Also you might be asking yourself: Do you have to be good at everything to succeed? Can you even put it in words for yourself: WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT?
More NOs than YESes
This is a BIG one! When I started my journey I also thought that if the first customers will be unhappy my whole world will collapse :D This applies to other situations like: having your project as a side-hustle with a fulltime job or tackling difficult work situations with others. We can smartly hack this "mindset" and take heaps of NOs and be f*** successful!
Get to know our community...


What are the 3 core values in our community?
This represents the foundation of the Wave DEEP concept. If our mind&body&soul are broken (by depression, unhappy relationships and negative situations).. how can we even be and feel ourselves? happy? Over a decade I have been discovering various rituals and approaches to self-love and the self-healing process…like: Women’s cycles. Yoga. Surfing. NLP techniques. Meditation. Coaching. Mind re-programming… and other popular techniques from spiritual leaders and coaches. Based on this journey I have naturally created a mantra and exercise that is the most natural for me and I believe for other women as well. It respects the nature of women, it respects YOU as a person, your needs, the fast-paced world we live in ("the pressure"). I live by it and like this, I practice my balanced living, DAILY.
We are out there, in the ocean full of sharks trying to swim and find our peaceful lagoon. But how? Which direction to go? How to start? And why we are different from the rest who are already doing it? Is there actually a dream lagoon for me? For me, the magic started to happen only after I could identify and verbalize what are my strengths, and the unique "selling points" that make me, Me! What I have to offer is true to me and valuable to the world. Let me tell you, I was shy to admit it and I thought I was not special. The opposite turned out to be the reality. Now I have my lagoon where I can surf! This module will uncover your super-power.
Now is time to put our aspirations and crazy dreams to reality. Most early enterpreneurs or anyone who wants to change something in their life fails in execution - how many amazing ideas die even before they see the sun. Well, I definetly want to change this and make you feel confident and ready about going out there - getting NOs, and feedback. You will be trained how to only get stronger. As the wave DEEP concept doesn't have in its dictionary the word "failure"... we only know progress!
training NOW
What you will learn during 55-minute FREE training. You will get a taster of practical training on 4 DEEP skills that will guard you for a lifetime! Inner and outer confidence is the key to understanding yourself and leading your YOUniverse. We found that understanding each skill during the training gives you unlimited power to handle & master a balanced lifestyle while achieving all of your amazing dreams with confidence, a feeling of fulfillment, and empowerment.
Take part in
What will you experience?
  • We look into the CONFIDENCE ANATOMY
    Our differences connect us. Our stories and experiences enrich us. Through real-life experience and life learnings we break down confidence into its fundaments. Why? Confidence stops us from doing what we feel we should do, what actually makes us happy. If we are not truly aware of our own confidence we loose time - with people and in activities that might not be right for us. Confidence is happiness, it is about self-love. In bad and good time. Yes, by knowing more about your confidence, you are actually getting married to yourself. Confidence doesn't mean selfish. Confidence means accepting and believing in yourself.

    Are those words taboo for you? Are you ready to face your next life challenge confidently? Do it so in like-minded community with right support system and training of your life-time. Confidence is a skill, that you can train with Wave DEEP.

  • We give you practical DAILY CONFIDENCE TRAINING
    Confidence is like learning how to ride a bike, or even better riding a horse. It is powerful, sometimes we can control it and sometimes not. It is alife, like yourself, like your thougts within you. In order to discover your confidence you need to start training it - it is like a stretching - how far you can go? We provide you with real-life examples and techniques that will help you to stretch your confidence.
  • We share with you CONFIDENCE JOURNEY that is awaiting for you once you start stretching
    Change is one of the biggest challenges of humankind. It is accompanies with insecurity, risk and fear. Once you start getting to know yourself through confidence stretching your opinions, actions, emotions start to change - it will be overwhealming. We have been there, and probably we will be again. But stronger then before. We will share with you the experience, in order to make your story experienced already from day 1! You will never be alone in this in Wave DEEP community. Confidence is our specialty.
Community events
Join us today! Start experiencing your own confidence in like-minded community.
Confidence webinar [online]
FREE event, new dates coming soon
What is the level of your confidence? Why confidence can lead you to your own secret to freedom? How is confidence connected with self-love? How it influences the quality of your life happiness? What opportunities it can create for you? How can you challenge it in everyday life? How can you become more resilient with our DEEP training? We will answer all these questions during our hands-on community event. Join for free!
What are the 4 DEEP skills you will master with us?
  • Find your balance & the ability to come back to it over & over
    This is the secret sauce of our Bootcamp "the DEEP mantra". It goes way deep and taps into your energy in all levels. It will teach you about yourself and more importantly, it will make you fall in love with yourself, truly. Why? If this foundation is broken within us it is even harder to BE and FEEL progress (success, your Our mind&body needs care, attention, love, and healing. Once we are strong inside we can shine and share our creativity with the world. DEEP mantra will give you exactly this!
  • Target audience valuation - how to execute your ideas
    In my 7+ year start-up and corporate experience the one common mistake that I see happening again and again (no matter the budget you have) is that the product (or you) grow apart from its future customers. Who do you want to then sell your stuff? I am meeting people who want to create amazing things but are afraid to pick up a phone and have a valuable conversation with a potential customer. This skill will make you stand out from the crowd! Whether you wanna level up with your career or need self-valuation or product-valuation you will be trained to do it effectively and make the right decisions in no time.
  • How to find your super-power competences & take them in use
    Once you mastered the first two DEEP skills, we will immediately put it into practice. Knowing and identifying exactly what are your unique "selling" points is an art. If you do not know what you are good at or why your product is different and special, nobody else is going to believe you either. Also you will hear more NOs than YESes to your propositions. That is why we will help you clarify your storyline. Thanks to like-minded community present on the event you will get immediate support and feedback. You will walk out from the Bootcamp with clear statements that you can manifest and start rolling!
  • How to stand-up you voice
    By now you will have all your Aces in your hand. This DEEP skill will only put it on another level. Going out there and manifesting your ideas, values and visions! You will feel goose bumps, adrenaline and endorphins once you will finish your 5 minute pitch. If you really take your dreams and desired life seriously this will feel like going through a discomfor which will however bring you immediate gratification as after 5 minutes you will gain confidence and empowerment that you could speak up loud for yourself! You will be trained and armed with proven pitching start-up art!
Other DEEP services
We offer individual or group mentoring services
in 2 confidence areas.
Business mentoring
For who? For individuals or small teams and businesses (early-stage projects & start-ups). You will gain confidence in yourself: we will focus on your personal mindset & readiness level - as ultimately your balance, happiness, and resilience give you the reason and energy to work on your project sustainably. This is the core pillar of building projects that make you happy.

Learn more
Talent mentoring
For who? For everyone who agrees with the statement: "I believe in cyclicity and balance in life. Nobody gets everything, and everything is nothing. We are in a constant journey, not because we need to get to the ultimate goal, but because life is cyclic and balance never stagnates."

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What else I will leave behind after experiencing
the Wave DEEP community...
You will never ever again have these 3 questions on your mind...
  • Am I enough?
  • What if I fail?
  • What will other people think about me?
Wa(y)ve DEEP - what does it stand for?
From discomfort to comfort.
Only balanced energy holds on.
With efford we reach beyond.
Passion is the core motivation.
Our manifesto
When I look at the ocean I feel peace. When I am on a wave I feel presence. I can stare at it and be in it for hours. I take a deep breath, I dive in its cold water, I come out & I scream from happiness. I feel the joy of a young child. The calmness of its power hypnotizes me - whether it is calm, stormy, wavy, windy. Once I was lost in the ocean. But now, I feel its balance in any shape and form. Now I know, that thanks to Wa(y)ve DEEP I found my balance. Now I know, that I can go way deep, and I can be the wave. You can be the wave. We aspire to bring the power of this element into the lives of all women, all women who dare to live fully with unconditional feelings of love, joy & pleasure.

In our WAVE DEEP community
you will get:
  • Connection with like-minded people, community growth and support
  • Balanced connection with yourself & deeper dive into your inner roots
  • Stronger resilience to face future challenges
  • Focused confidence training that you can apply to your personal or professional life
  • 4 DEEP skills that will level up your strategic thinking from day 1
  • Starter kit for your business idea influenced by Lean start-up concept
  • You will recharge your motivation batteries from our Unicorn Trainer Radana
We will notify you about any up-coming Wave DEEP community online or offline events. Also you will get regular confidence training newsletter, that will keep you focused and sharp on you visions!
Wave DEEP Team
Our experiences connect us. Our differences enrich us. Our friendship makes us stronger...we go way deep and we are the wave! Let's get to know
each other:)
  • Radana
    Wave DEEP Founder
    My name is Radana, I am 29 (soon I will upgrade this number :). I am confident to say that since I remember I do activities & projects that fulfill me & my potential! There were and there will be hard falls & failures...thats why Wave DEEP like a fenix reborn in me since 3 years already. Now, I dream to create international & engaged community of amazing Females who are proactively creating their destiny. Surfing is my therapy. Dance and yoga make my soul happy. Travel, family and friends dear to my heart enrich every of steps by their side! And yes, I share same energy sources as unicorns use so get ready:) Few points about me:

    • [5+ years] Digital start-up Founder
    • Kick-ass business accelerator that you want in your team if you are starting business
    • [My lately discovered super-power] Leadership blender
    • [7+ years] Marketing strategist
    • [My hidden skills] Communication booster
    • [2 years] Early-stage Mentor
    • [5+ years] Business development and product management skills.
    • I worked and studied in multiple european countries - Czechia, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Italy. I speak Italian, French, Slovak & Czech and of course English:) I also aspire to learn Portuguese
    • I am also certified body&mind Instructor
Let's dream for a second...
Wave DEEP is more than a training, and more than community. Together with you we want to go beyond of what we can achieve together as a group. We believe in power of coolaboration and shared-value. Also, we allow ourselves to dream wild. So let me present you our dream and vision of WAVE DEEP in few stages:
Stage 1 - The Community
Create confidence training and grow Wave DEEP community with like-minded women, to couple of thousands, who are seeking to have badass support behind their back when growing professionaly as well as in their personal life. Change and believe firstly has to start within us. Only than we can move on and share & heal the environment where we live.
Stage 2 - The Online Library
Create video library of stories of other women, together with presentation of their own business/training/course. We want each amazing woman who will be a core part of Wave DEEP ambassadorship to share with us her personal take on life, wether her topic is fear, solitude, love, anxiety, freedom - we want her to share anything significant she has been discovering in her life thorugh wins and losses. Furthermore, each woman will share her own business craft through a series of mini-courses. In this way we can create a library of real woman stories that we can come back at anypoint of our live and listen to who ever we need in that moment of life.

Stage 3 - The Non-Profit Innitiative
Here it becomes wild.... our vision is to connect the work of WAVE DEEP with a non-profit innitiative that will be connected with ocean & local communities. We want to support and engage our community in this activity with us as a contribution and an adventure of their lifetime. We are still searching for the right form of this innitiative, but here is the first idea that we might aspire pursuing, lets see if you resonate with it or if you have idea of your own ( than please contact me -Radana, I want to hear it:) Read below about our dream non-profit innitiative. For the ocean & children.
The ultimate Wave DEEP dream
Wave DEEP non-profit innitiative

Surfing and ocean are a beating hear of Wave's DEEP energy. However, seeing and experiencing ocean so puluted really breaks our heart. Imagining bringing my future family to such a poluted waters is an image I wish never to experience. Eventually, it all comes down to the level of education, when deciding how are we going to treat our mother earth.

Some heart-breaking facts:

"According to the World Wildlife Fund, ocean pollution is a major global problem. There are currently estimated to be over 150 million metric tons of plastic in the oceans, with 8 million metric tons added each year. Additionally, overfishing is reducing fish populations and damaging whole ocean ecosystems. The most polluted ocean is the North Pacific, where debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been estimated to cover an area three times the size of France. Pollution from ships contributes to the problem, with an estimated 14 billion gallons of oil released into the ocean every year. Climate change is also having an impact, with rising temperatures and ocean acidification threatening marine life."

The innitiative:

Therefore, we have blueprinted the following idea of our NGO: We would collaborate with marine specialist to create a waste management program for kids. We will create a network of schools in 3rd world countries where we will concenrate our non-profit activities. Women from Wave DEEP community will sign-up for our volunteering program, we will provide them with the support and waste management training and we will connect them directly with kids from chosen schools. The training would be performed in english ( you do not need to be native speaker to do this). We believe we can change the world throught personal experiences and friendships. You will become an online buddy for the time of the training of the these kids, you will create friendship, practice their english and more over you will teach them about the importance of protecting the ocean and nature as such. The training will be provided online. If you than later on decide to actually go visit the destination and your newly created friends you will go on an adventure of your life time - to new country, new community that will warmly welcome you & share with you some happiness.

This is the initial ideal we are playing with. However, in order to do that we need to reach our first two goals - expand our community and launch online library of real women stories. If you resonate with our vision, please be part of Wave DEEP, be your own wave and aspire to leave positive footprint on this planet with us.

Want to get in touch?
We are here for you for any further questions:)

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